10 Disney Princesses to Make in DnD (And How to Make Them)

Fantastic Disney princesses fit easily into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Here's how to build them for your next campaign.

Disney's upcoming movie "Wish" promises audiences an all-new Disney princess in the form of Asha. Also coming in 2023 is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the long-awaited modern adaptation of the beloved tabletop game. As these two properties linger in people's minds, they inevitably begin to blend together.

Fantasy Disney. Inevitably, people will want to do Disney-themed activities with their friends. Disney princesses display amazing strength when built properly. Whether it's Mulan's quick mastery of a blade or Moana's affinity for the sea, these icons are fun to play with on the desktop.

Mulan - Genie Warlock 3/Mastermind Rogue 17

Mulan is a girl who struggles to balance her loyalty to her family with proving her worth as more than a girl. In fact, she was so good that she single-handedly stopped the Huns from invading China in Mulan. Mastermind Rogue captures this tactical idea perfectly. Plus, it captures another aspect of Mulan's character: her acting skills.

It takes quite a bit of acting to convince others of her manliness, which is represented by Master of Conspiracy. Combined with the "actor" feat, it's easy to hide one's gender. as For the Warlock class, the "genie" in this case is Mushu, who will help Mulan by scouting locations or breathing fire when needed. Contracts in Chains should reflect Mushu's versatility on the battlefield. Warlock spells are easily what Mushu does "magic".

Sundrop Rapunzel - Divine Soul Sorcerer 6/Glamour Bard 14

The "Sundrop" prefix may be confusing to someone who only follows the movie Tangled, but it will be cleared up quickly. Thanks to the supernatural blessing of the setting sun, Rapunzel has magically healed hair. This is perfectly reflected in the soul mage. Once Rapunzel escapes the tower, being favored by the gods certainly fits her lucky streak.

Empowered Healing is self-explanatory. Charming Bud represents her uncanny ability to befriend seemingly evil saloon thugs. As for all the spellcasting, the series actually goes out of its way to show how crazy and durable her hair has become. This could easily be flavored as her defensive spell. For roleplaying reasons, the player should sing every time Rapunzel heals someone.

Moonstone Rapunzel - Death Cleric 20

The heroic Rapunzel of the Sunset is the opposite of Darkmoon Feldsstone. In the Tangled series, the Moonstone gave Rapunzel access to darker powers and knowledge. her hair has fallen out It had healing properties at the start of the set, but Moonstone gave it quite a few new powers. Most notable of these is the aura of death that Rapunzel now exudes.

Necromancy both mirror Rapunzel's lethal effect when blessed by the Moonbead. Spells such as Blight, Death Ward, Antilife Shell and Cloudkill are very necessary for this class. Her hair can also move on its own, and spells like Mage Hand and telepathy can easily shift with her hair.

Merida - Beast Master Ranger 8/Battle Master Fighter 12

Brave Merida is a princess who values ​​her independence, but is doted upon by her mother nonetheless. Even the bear, her mother insists on "assisting" her in her princess duties. Beastmaster's rank mirrors Merida's mother, who is a firm companion, but perhaps a bit too intrusive with her claws. The Primal Companion should be chosen to reflect the magical nature of her transformation.

The Sharpshooter feat is a must for Merida. Mutants are the best race for bonus feats. Battle Master Fighter reflects Merida's superficial talent for archery. Not surprisingly, her fighting style is archery, which provides a ranged weapons. The required moves are precision attack and disarm attack.

Jasmine - Beast Master Ranger 8/Thief Rogue 12

Jasmine is a brave princess who, nonetheless, stumbles under the weight of the gilded cage. Jasmine would often sneak out of the castle to see another side of her kingdom in Aladdin. Thief Rogue should do a good job of mirroring her sneaks, especially Second-Story Work and Supreme Sneak. Fast Hands is just a nice feature.

As for the Beastmaster rank, this reflects Raja, Jasmine's pet tiger. The iconic tiger may look like a kitten in front of Jasmine, but those foolish enough to get close will find themselves battered. Leveling up to level 8, it can provide Rajah with some much-needed magic damage, making him more useful in battle.

Snow White - Shepherd Druid 20

Snow White is the quintessential Disney princess. Which makes sense, considering she's actually the first person in the company's history. Snow White is the princess responsible for such a common title with an affinity with animals. As far as animal taming goes, she's the best, shepherd druid is perfect.

All lesson features are appropriate for Snow White's communication Be with and support her allies. Forest's speech allows her to sing songs and befriend beasts with ease. The spirit totem can be seen as Snow White's innocence inspired her allies. Mighty Summoner allows her to summon stronger animals to defend her. Calling the Faithful ensures that when Snow White becomes incapacitated, four spirit animals of CR 2 or lower come to her aid.

Vanellope - Horizon Walker Ranger 20

Although she is not "officially" recognized as a Disney princess, Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph is, by definition, a Disney princess. Sure, she's quick to call herself president after remembering her heritage, but that's neither there nor is. What matters is that she has a very interesting figure. The Horizon Walker Ranger is an interesting subclass of the usually bland Ranger class. Vanellope's race is that of a forest gnome, reflecting her diminutive stature. The "Fade Out" feat is available and makes Vanellope "invisible" (i.e., malfunctions) when taking damage.

Horizon Walker perfectly represents Vanellope's abilities. Detect Portal reflects Vanellope's uncanny ability to find her way in the weirdest video games yet. Planar Warrior is the "wrong" effect of her attacks. False step and long shot are obviously her teleportation skills. spectral defense is her fault Instinctively protects her from serious injury. Her nemesis could be humans and monsters, because that's what Turbo has become.

Moana - Fathomless Warlock 20

Moana has always felt the strange call from the sea since she was a child. She will not bend the ocean to her will. Instead, she did what the ocean told her to do. This all fits Warlock very well. Contrary to popular belief, not every warlock patron is an evil manipulator. As far as Moana is concerned, the ocean is a benevolent god who just wants to help her.

All Fathomless-class traits reflect Moana's affinity for the ocean. Gift of the Sea increases her swim speed and allows her to breathe water. The spirit of the sea gives her resistance to cold damage and communication with creatures submerged in the sea. Guardian Coil, Grasping Tentacles, and Fathomless Plunge are all different ways of water transporting or protecting Moana. As for merit, the athlete is a must, as she is the healthiest person in the village.

Raya - Samurai Fighter 20

Raya in Raya and the Last Dragon is a princess who acts far above most other nobles. She is a master of martial arts and earns her own living What's best for her family. Her most notable character trait is her innate stubbornness. The samurai subclass evokes her martial skills and unnatural ability to stay focused in combat.

Elegant Courtier reflects on her experience as part of the nobility in "diplomacy", although her distrustful nature does make this tension anyway. Tireless Soul and Quick Strike reflect the more reckless side of her character, such as what she did when Sisu "died" in front of her. The feat Alert should go to Raya, reflecting her constant paranoia.

Cinderella - Archfey Warlock 6/Glamour Bard 14

Cinderella is arguably the most famous Disney princess of all time, and she is the first one many people remember. No doubt thanks to the constant remakes of her stories. Archfey Warlock reflects on her relationship with her fairy godmother. Fey Presence will be her magical beauty that will mesmerize those around her. Misty Escape will be her "quick retreat" when midnight strikes. Pact of the Chain is easily transformed into her rat pal.

Glamor Bard will reflect more of her beauty and singing ability. Enthralling Performance, Mantle of Majesty, and Unbreakable Majesty are more effective ways for Cinderella to draw people in (and animals) by her side. Her specialty is certainly presentation and persuasion. Most of her spells should be for empowering others, since she doesn't do much fighting herself.

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