10 DC Superheroes You Didn't Know Have Kids

Superman's children are well known in DC comedian circles, but numerous other heroes have children as well.

Being a superhero can be unimaginably time-consuming in expansion to being perilous, which suggests a parcel of heroes fair don’t have the time to raise a family. If they endeavor to within the comics, it regularly turns out that their children develop up to be superheroes themselves, or they always conclusion up in peril.

That’s apparent with Marvel’s Incredible Four comics and in DC’s Superman comics as those heroes all see their possess children put in peril and learn what it means to be a legend themselves. There are very many DC heroes, in any case, that have had children over the a long time that comedian book fans might not keep in mind. That’s since those characters are frequently composed out of storylines and never seen once more, or they exist in interchange timelines.

Wonder Woman

Within the Amazon mythology for DC Comics, the ladies of Themyscira have children, but as it were their female children are raised on the island. They too once in a while look for out, including to Themyscira’s populace.

Amid DC’s Resurrection Equity Alliance arrangement, Ponder Lady is gone up against by her future child Seeker, one who claims she deserted him since she couldn’t raise him as an Amazon. It’s never made clear in the event that that’s genuine, or basically the story he’s been told, but it certainly raises questions around long term Ponder Lady for comedian book perusers. Of course, the superhero too encompasses a child with Steve Trevor in an substitute timeline as well as Superman in another substitute universe.


In spite of the fact that Aquaman has had bounty of sidekicks within the comics, they aren’t as a rule one of his children. He and Mera did have a son, frequently referenced within the comics as Aquababy rather than by his title, Arthur.

The child, be that as it may, is slaughtered amid a stand-off with the reprobate Dark Manta. His passing causes Mera and Aquaman to go their isolated ways for a whereas, and a afterward comedian book story sees them have another child, AJ. Timeline resets in DC Comics, in any case, cruel that they don’t continuously have children within the fundamental progression. Mera and Aquaman regularly have relationship issues within the comics, whether children are portion of their storyline or not, and perusers might address their compatibility indeed in the event that they adore storylines including them together.


A classic Equity Society of America legend, Starman is seeing a slight resurgence in notoriety much obliged to the capable warriors of CW’s Stargirl arrangement. Whereas the main Stargirl might accept Starman to be her father for a whereas, that isn’t the case.

He really has two children. One of his children, named Jack, really gets to be a superhero as well, using enormous vitality from the same staff that his father utilized in fight. The characters haven't been portion of numerous standard DC comedian book storylines in later a long time in spite of the fact that, so it's simple for fans to disregard approximately them.

Wonder Girl

In spite of the fact that Ponder Young lady has been a part of the Adolescent Titans and a saint in her possess right who has utilized numerous code names, she begun her time in comics as Ponder Woman’s sidekick. Donna Troy too, at one point within the comics, hitched and begun a family.

She hitched a instructor, and they had a child named Robert. Donna indeed, like Ponder Lady, met a future adaptation of her child who turned out to be a lowlife. Shockingly for Donna in spite of the fact that, both her spouse and child were murdered in a car crash. Given that Donna Troy's story is one of the foremost retconned and revamped in DC comics, fans may well be pardoned for not knowing she had a child at one point.


Other than being Batman’s best-known sidekick, Dick Grayson is the pioneer of the Titans and for having a beautiful long sentimental history in comics. Within the primary coherence, none of those connections finished up with Dick Grayson having children. On Earth-Two, that’s a diverse story.

In Earth-Two, Nightwing got to be Batman after the passings of Batman, Superman, and Ponder Lady. He too had a spouse and a child, but had to raise his child alone after his wife's passing. His spouse was Batgirl’s Barbara Gordon. In spite of the fact that Dick has frequently been linked to Barbara within the primary coherence, he's too regularly connected to Starfire, and fans of the Titans tv arrangement might wish to see he and Starfire conclusion up together instep since the arrangement has prodded a future girl for them as well.


Catwoman isn’t continuously thought of as a saint, but as a result of her relationship with the Bat Family, she tends to be more of an anti-hero than a lowlife. She partners with them so much that she’s an privileged part.

In one timeline, her relationship with Batman works out much way better than it does within the primary progression. Rather than taking off him at the holy place, the two have a girl named Helena who goes on to ended up a saint in her claim right. That story was the premise for the short-lived Feathered creatures Of Prey tv arrangement on the WB.


In expansion to his girl with Catwoman in another timeline, Batman is known for “adopting” youthful heroes into his Bat Family. Dick Grayson is his ward after the passing of his guardians, for case. Batman does have a organic child within the fundamental timeline as well in spite of the fact that.

Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul have Damian Wayne, in spite of the fact that the two don’t remain together for long. Damian goes on to gotten to be Robin, and fans of the energized Batman motion pictures will be more recognizable with him. Of course, Bruce Wayne too features a child named Bruce Wayne Jr. within the 1960s comics, who made the Super Children group with Clark Kent Jr. That group has been reevaluated within the present day day for Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent instep.

Power Girl

Control Young lady is an interchange universe form of Supergirl, so the last mentioned tends to induce most of the comedian book peruser consideration as of now. She does have a child in one “magical” storyline, in spite of the fact that Equinox is mostly forgotten nowadays.

The magic-users of Atlantis choose to make a child that's the idealize adjust between light and dim. They utilize Control Young lady as the vessel to carry the child, so most fans weren’t in adore with the thought of a superhero having a mysterious pregnancy constrained upon her.

The Flash

Arrowverse fans know that Barry Allen’s Streak has children within the future with his long-time cherish Iris West. His storyline is comparable within the comics, but he’s not the as it were Streak. As a rule, those heroes who take up the mantle don’t have children.

Wally, however, also has twins within the comics with his spouse Linda Stop. Their children, in any case, age quickly much appreciated to a peculiarity of their control set. Fans of the tv arrangement might not indeed realize that Wally has kids since The Streak on the CW didn't investigate Wally's character very as much as the appear.

Harley Quinn

Like Catwoman, fans might not at first think of Harley Quinn as a saint. Progressively in advanced comics, in any case, she’s gone from a Batman scalawag to an antihero for the citizens of Gotham.

Whereas she reinforced with Dark Canary on the huge screen in Feathered creatures of Prey, the two aren’t especially near within the comics. They do discover a few common ground amid her days as a lowlife in spite of the fact that when she denies to battle the Dark Canary after finding she’s pregnant. Harley clarifies to the other lady that she had to take off her claim child with relatives to raise since she couldn’t believe “Mister J” around their child. She moreover appears up at the clinic to blessing Dark Canary with a blessing for her infant after the birth. It’s one of the most punctual minutes within the comics to appear that Harley contains a delicate spot for both ladies and children in her line of work.

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