1 Emily in Paris Season 3 Details Make Sylvie's Marriage More Confusing

Emily revisits Sylvie and Laurent's marriage in Paris season 3, but it seems like it might finally work out...except for 1 detail that's out of place.

Emily in Paris season 3 stars former Savoir chief marketing officer Sylvie Grateau (Leroy-Beaulieu, Filipina) and her estranged husband Laurent G (Arnaud Binard), since their complicated relationship was fleshed out in this season of Emily in Paris. They act like a real couple 2. Arguably, Sylvie has one of the funniest relationships ever showcased with Netflix's hit rom-com series Emily in Paris. Married to a Saint-Tropez nightclub owner, but living her life as the head of a luxury marketing firm, filled with hotties, Sylvie seems to have it all, but not everything is as it seems.

Season 3 of Emily in Paris revisits Sylvie and Laurent's complicated marriage, adding flavor to their adaptation. Even though Sylvie and Laurent haven't really been a couple in a while, they still find ways to get each other through. In Emily In Paris season 3, episode 4, Sylvie has trouble with Agence Grateau's paperwork, which doesn't seem to be her strong suit. This leads her to seek help from Laurent. By the end of Emily in Paris season 3, Sylvie and Laurent are tinkering with everything and hoping their marriage will finally work out. However, there is a This time the reconnection was a bit of a hiccup.

Emily In Paris Season 3 Hints That Laurent Doesn't Truly Know Sylvie

In Emily In Paris season 3, episode 10, Laurent tells Sylvie that he is opening a nightclub in Paris, which means he will be around often enough for their marriage to work. However, the conversation quickly sours, at least from Sylvie's perspective, when Laurent reveals that JVMA patriarch, Emily's Parisian character Louis de Leon, is his business partner. The JVMA has an unhappy history with Sylvie, something Laurent seems unaware of, as he is eager to do a deal with the JVMA.

While Sylvie and Laurent's recent estrangement justifies his idea that Sylvie might have any grievances with JVMA heir Nicolas De Leon (Paul Forman), it doesn't explain why he doesn't know Sylvie and Louis contact. By happily taking JVMA's money to boost his business, then nonchalantly passing the money on to Sylvie, it's clear that Laurent knows another version of Sylvie, and she may have built one for him. Married for over 20 years, Laurent is ignorant of Sylvie's relationship with the JVMA and its owners, a sad indication of his lack of insight into his wife's professional and personal life.

Will JVMA Ruin Sylvie & Laurent's Marriage?

Hard to say whether the JVMA will Sylvie and Laurent's marriage ends on Netflix's hit show Emily in Paris, especially when both parties are sincerely looking forward to restarting their relationship. However, things are sure to get tricky for both of them. Sylvie is clearly not going to stop Laurent from his adventures in Paris, and she won't admit anything about her issues with the JVMA if she can help. But Emily has a way of bringing out all the drama in Paris, and Laurent is sure to find it all in the end.

When Laurent confronts Sylvie about her past and how she has basically kept a large part of her life from her husband, it may prompt him to give up. While this may have been a devastating end to Sylvie Grateau and Laurent G's marriage, it may have kept them from recovering from it just as they finally found common ground. While Season 3 of Emily in Paris only gave us a glimpse of Sylvie and Laurent's romantic second honeymoon, their future remains a question mark that Season 4 of Emily in Paris needs to answer.

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